Plato Bar and Restaurant

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Chillin at Plato Bar and Restuarant

Have you ever heard about this Plato Bar Restaurant along at Unit 112 Sherwood Place 2264 Taft Avenue Malate Manila.

Plato Bar was established in 2001 as a restaurant in taft Avenue Manila and has become part of the community ever since. It was turned into a full service bar and restaurant in 2009. Plato is owned and operated by Plato Inc.

March. 2, 2019, Mr. Red the founder of Hey Manila invited us to attend Blogger Night Out at the Plato Bar and Resto. While we were chilllin and havin' a great time their, I found the place is really good and perfect to all barkada's  who love's to eat.

Plato Bar and Resto is one of the famous bar along the way of Vito Cruz  up to United Nation. It is located at Taft Avenue Malate Manila. this is the perfect place where you can have a great time..

Plato Bar and Resto is always committed to deliver and provide the full plato experience to their  customers. adding their delivery service, and their  kitchen for lunch  and snacks something  that customers are looking forward  to at Plato  Bar and Kitchen.
offering of a food business... kitchen where they serve Lunch and Snacks, Delivery and Resto Bar at Night.

I know some of us is far in plato, that’s why I know you’ll get lazy to go through, and because of that they are adding delivery service because they want to experience the plato in your doorstep.

What’s the best in their delivery?
They have promo strictly for delivery only, buy 1 take 1 Pizza with purchase of coke for only 500 pesos plus with minimum purchase of 500 pesos you can get a free delivery. You can have your order within maximum delivery time of 30 mins. Also, they now deliver along with your favorite alcoholic beverages like Heineken, Red Horse, Mule, Jose Cuervo and many more.. because they wanted to bring the plato fun right at the doorstep of their delivery guests and they guaranteed the freshness of food is checked.

They also have third party delivery service which is the ” food panda “.
Their delivery ordering purpose are:
* Birthday Celebration

* Gifting
* Office Treats
* Fun Times with Friends
* School/Office Parties
* On a trip

Sausage and Mushroom

Bbq Chicken 

All Meat

Cheese Pizza 

I'm so thankful to have the chance to attend Bloggers Night Out and try their different dishes from Plato Bar and Resto's  menu as well as their Jasw Dropping Pizza. Do you think  it is amazing ? wait there's more, all the food in their menu is  their own and authentic recipe.

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