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Vice Ganda Cosmetics when it's started i've been eyeing to the lipsticks she/he created, it's affordable and perfect for everyday to wear + he just collaborated with the one and only Bang Pineda the well known Designer here in the Philippines 

Vice Ganda decided to make this lipstick when he share the story behind of it when the time when he's little and her Mom love's Lipstick and then her Mom is one of the reseller of Avon and  that he make it for all the women who love's Liptick + affordable yet quality

Vice Ganda is a gay comedian slash actor based in the Philippines. He's active in the noontime show called It's Showtime. On the other hand, Bang Pineda is a Celebrity  fashion designer  slash stylist. together, they released  4 boxes of Vice Ganda  Cosmetics X Bang.

Their collaboration was an absolute shocker and worthy of being part of your make up ccollection. Their Collab involved  4  different Matte liquid lipsticks with matching 4 different shimmery topper. Honestly this is the perfect part of my collection because I'm lipsticks lover!

In term of the Packaging, the brand will not  disappoint you, i fell in love with it, The Box was covered with the signature  Bang Logo. It was also aesthetically pleasing.

One Set of Vice Cosmetics in one box you will get 4 different shade 
PHp; 1,995

The Design of Bang Pineda T Shirt 

Imagine this,for a price of php;395, you'll be getting 2 full - sized lipsticks. For that amount, you'll receive high- quality make up.


Saveeeh has a rosy nude tone according to the vice cosmetics  website. The site also explained  that the matching  topper has gold flecks in it. If you're going  for a natural - looking  make up this set is for you.

Swatches of the lippies  while in the separate form.


 Mowdel has a perfect peach nude according to the vice cosmetics  website. The site also explained  that the matching  topper a pink topper with pink glitter flex has on fair skin. and is a pale  peach nude n medium to deep skin.

 Swatches of the lippies while in the separate form.


Rrrahmpa this shade is a beautiful deep red wine shade on any  and all skin tones.
A pearl topper with multicolored glitter flex.

Swatches of the lippies while in the separate form.


Fashown  this is a mid toned berry shade that reads a deep neutral purple on fair skin and a neutral rosy plum on medium to deep skin.

A Periwinkle topper with Blue Glitter Flex.

Swatches of the lippies while in the separate form.

I would definitely recommend this why because:
1.  the pigmentation is spot on - the colors are perfect and they're complementing  all of the Filipina Skin Tones.
They're not just focusing on mestizas, morenas or chinitas.
2. Long Lasting yes it is  it's because when i want to remove the lipstick it's hard to get this off.

You're  probably thinking: The're has to be something  bad about it.

there is. I could name  1 reason why i dislike the product.
1. weird aftertaste - Usually when you use lipsticks, you'll definitely  get a hint of something sweet, Vice Cosmetics give you a taste of metal, but so far , no side effects have been occuring on my lips.

Do I recommend this Products to my readers? Yes, I do it's worth every penny you pay for. This is affordable in the beauty community.

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