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Jeunesse Anion  Sanitary Pads and Liner 

Jeunesse Anion Review 

Jeunesse Anion Napkins are special because of their unique features. One of the prominent reason is the use of an Anion Chip in the Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin, because of the chip, the napkin remains bacteria free: anion also reduces the discomfort during the menstruation and keeps the napkin odor free.

Anion Sanitary Napkins have 5 different Pad's

I like the packaging, not just any ordinary plastic. It's well- sealed  so dust won't easily get inside.
The first thing I noticed is the high quality material it's made of. The inside packaging  even smells sanitized.

Facts  Every Jeunesse pad has a special anion strip that brings a lot of benefits during that special time of the month and for your overall health  as well.

  • Prevention of Bacteria
  • Reduces feminine discomfort / dysmenorrhea 
  • Eliminates  unwanted odor
  • Fights againts vaginal irritations and infections
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers Stress levels and boots energy levels
  • Acts as natural anti- depressant
  • Strenghtens immune system
Whether you're having your monthly period or just want to stay fresh all day, there's Jeunesse for you. It's available in five Anion  pads- Jeunesse  Anion Ultra Day, Ultra Night Pad, Ultra Day Non- Wing, Anion  All- Night pad and the Jeunesse Panty Liner.

With Jeunesse Panty Liners, I feel like I don't wear panty Liners at all. it felt comfortable and  non- irritating to the skin. to learn more about it, Visit Jeunesse Website.

They also say that anion enchances  damaged cells and reduces inflammation. If we Google Benefits of Anion, we could find hundreds of amazing benefits related to Jeunesse Sanitary Napkins. Now is the time for you to try it and experience and discover these.

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