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Have you ever heard Sample Room Philippines this is a website where members get to receive 
freebies or test items of their favorite products for free by just making short review on the items. there are only a few easy steps to sign in  then ta duh. You'll be surely to receive some of your favorite items room at no charge ( Except Shipping Fee ).

I'm truly happy and i can't believe that i just receive email from one of the founder's of Sample Room that it said on the email that she want me to send me a products from their Sample Room and i must say that I'm truly happy because i'm their solid followers since 5 years ago praying and hoping that someday i will receive a products from them.

 Here is the Products i receive:


I have been using whisper sanitary napkin for quite sometimes.
I would strongly recommend this napkin to any woman.

I would like to tell a big hurray to the person who has designed this napkin.
so nicely designed keeping in mind the problems, most of the women face.

Now, women have entered into all the fields.

Gone are those  days , where woemn used to sit at home and only take care of the kids.

those difficult days can be overcome with the help of whisper sanitary napkin as it has been designed to suit different  categories of people.
there are other napkins available in the market, but i would strongly say that whisper alone gives the comfort for a working woman.

there is no fear of leakage and free from rahes.

It gives a comfort feeling for the person using it .


The secret to looking up to 10 years younger is here. The Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream for wrinkle-free skin with reduced lines and age spots lets your skin renew itself while you sleep. This is a moisture-rich cream that works hard to repair damaged skin and promote cell renewal. It’s enriched with Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex, CLA and collagen – leaving you with smooth and soft skin in just two weeks. Regular use of the Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream shows spectacular results – youthful skin that is free from dullness and the signs of aging. It’s time to recapture the youthful radiance of your skin.

Features And Benefits

Ponds claims that its Age Miracle Night Cream offers the following features and benefits. Let’s take a look.

Fights fine lines, dullness, and age spots
3x cell renewal power

Helps repair and rejuvenate skin
Contains ingredients like retinol and niacinamide
Gives you up to 10 years younger looking skin
Works from deep within to reduce fine lines and wrinkles


It's my first time to use this Belo  Sunexpert tinted Sunscreen
and i must say it's beautiful and i will difenetly recommend it for a first timer like me.
It's lightweight, doesn't clog pores, works instantly and has high amount of SPF protection. I can't believe that their  tinted one SPF 50 while their regular one only has SPF 40. It's something I can put on in the morning, and do my brows and I'm good to go,


This himalaya face wash is enriched with natural ingredients like lemon which astringent and cooling agent, lightens the skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. It also contains honey which has moisturizing and natural deep cleansing properties. Since this face wash doesn’t contain soap, it doesn’t make your skin feel dry and stretched. It contains small blue micro-beads, ideal for scrubbing the face gently. The face wash has gel like consistency and ideal for all skin types.


Having a bad hair  day? Not with Vitress Cuticle Coat! Transform your hair instantly from dry, dull and hard -  to - manage to silky smooth and shinny, anytime, anywhere! Your #hairgoals are definitely within reach only with Vitress Cuticle Coat.

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Thanks, XOXO

Much Love Riza 

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