Clearer brighter Skin with Pynocare

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Clearer,  Brighter Skin with Pynocare

Pynocare Product Info

- Pynocare is an OTC medecine for malesma or dark spots.
- It is made by Mega lifesciences, a renowned thai pharmaceutical company.
- It is an oral capsule available that is DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED  proven to 
lighten dark spots or malesma.
- It has MSCC complex ( Malesma skin clear  complexion ) which is a  patented
combination of powerful antioxidants such as  procyanidin and Vitamins A, C and E that can lighten dark spots.
- Recommended dosage;
-1 Cap 2x daily ( after meals ) per day for to months 
- after 2 months, 1 capsule per day as maintenance.
- Each box has 20 capsules.
- Price is 1,355/ Box; 67.75 pesos per cap
- Available in mercury, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, South Star  Drug, St Joseph 
Pharmacy  and all Leading Drugstores nationwide.


- Pynocare is not recommended for women who are pregnant, 
breastfeeding or 18 years below.


Dark spots has always been a common problem for women 
especially for Filipinas like us who often find ourselves under the sun. Good Thing there's Pynocare - the first ever , safe and medicine for skin pigmentation. the best part ?
Pynocare  is 100% natural and consists only of ingredients  which have  long been proven effective.

Manufactured by MegaLife Sciences,  a renowned  thai beauty  pharamaceuticals  company, Pynocare is a dermatologist -proven effective  to  combat dark  spots  and malesma. 
Each capsule is packed with vitamins and nutrients  that are good  for your  skin such as Betacarotene and Ascorbic acid.

Additionally, Pynocare contains MSCC Complex  ( Malesma Skin  Clear  Complexion ) 
which is a patented combination of powerful  antioxidants By taking it 2x a day after Meals, you'll see results in as early as two months. Pynocare  retails  for only  67.75 per piece and is available in all leading drugstores nationwide . 

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