Mossimo Meet & Greet

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Mossimo Meet and Greet Get Styled 
by: @chinchinobcena @dgrazon @kerwinking

I would like to share with you all my experience last April 19 
Mossimo Apparel just collaborate with the well known blogger's in the philipines 
and they just invited all the people who won in their giveaway on instagram. and I'm so lucky that I'm one of the luckiest winner to join them because of ate @iamrheabue  i won thank you so much for this opportunity 

Here's the banner for Mossimo Meet and Greet 
for Chin Chin Obcena, Deegee Razon and Kerwin King

Food Section from @aperitif_ph 

The Pioneer of Premium Graze boxes & stations


 Great seeing again Chin Chin Obcena because 
it's been  a month when i see her 


Deegee Razon is Blogger/Vlogger 
I Followed this Guy it's been 3 yeears since i followed this 
down to earth guy friendly and sweet guy.

Meet this lovely and sweet couple Rhea Bue and Jeffrey Ong
trivia I'm a big fan of ate Rha and I'm her supporter since 2015 or 2016  love seeing rhea, 
and finlly meet her boyfriend Jeff Ong

Finally meet Joseph Tabor and Kasper i followed them since 2017 i love their 
feed and how they bonding as a friends 

Great seeing ate Yuki Tansengco i miss this lovely girl soon to be 
bride I'm so excited ate yuki and Mr. Nick Higson 

Kerwin King Blogger/ Vlogger it was nice seeing you again my 
idol hope to work with you all so talented guy.

It was fun event i attended and I'm truly blessed seeing my friends and my idol's hope to work 
with this brand again i love Mossimo Brand .

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