Whisper Curvalicious Movement with Nadine Lustre

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Whisper Curvalicious Movement with Nadine Lustre 

Whisper  has been the- go- feminine pad brand for most Filipina women 
because of the quality and comfort can offers.

Last Tuesday, March 20,2018 Whisper Launched  the #Choosecurvalicious Movement to
 celebrate the modern woman is and I'm truly amazed what i see and meet.

The Stage looks so powerful in pink! 
So perfect for Whisper's newest color

Beautiful Flatlay for Whisper

               Kiana Valenciano 

Started the fire on stage with her electrifying performance 

Kiana Valenciano and Lauren Reid 
is the newest endorser of Whisper 

And here she is, the one and only Nadine Lustre on stage 
Performing the new Whisper Anthem, Curvalicious

  Attending events like this makes me more excited because
Of my blogger friends. It's so nice meeting people who shares the same passion

So here I'm with Nicole Sarmiento
ig @nicolemsar
Alice Manuel
ig @_alicemanuel
Elaine Villapando 
ig @elainevillapando

I experience this 360 Video love it

The new Whisper still features its cottony soft cover and dermacare
lotion, 12- hour leakage protection and anti leak barriers  for a completely 
worry free period, Now, made better, it ensures  a more snug  fit with its own curvalicious 
feature too! its definitely the feminine pad upgrade is absolutely perfect for modern 
women like us and Nadine , who need to Stay Confident, cool and yes to #curvalicious

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