Simple Way Valentine's Day

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 Simple Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day 

Month of February is what you call Hearts Month because of february 14
is Valentine's Day all over the World but here in the Philippines we celebrate like you don't have another day because we love to celebrate it like '' Bonggang araw '' na parang walang Bukas kung Tawagin kasi napaka sarap  i celebrate ng February dito sa Pilipinas. Dito mo mararamdaman ang pagmamahal kung saan dito po ay nag ddate ang magsing- irog mag Asawa at mag Syota at Magkaka Pamilya.

this February 14 we Celebrate it with three Events every year with my family first is the Valentine's day the second is my Mother 57th Birthday and the third is my Parent's 28th Anniversary and i love to date my Parent's every year i love to date them in a restaurant and give them a simple Gift that they want even though this year is the saddest celebration to us because we're not complete family anymore because my Older Brother now is now based on Dubai with her Wife he's now working as a Bartender there and this year we really miss my kuya and my mom is truly missing my kuya but for now life's goes on we pray for my kuya that he's gonna okay their.

Meet my loving Parent's 

I'm looking for a Cake that i want to Give to my Mom for her Birthday and I'm browsing my instagram account and i found this lovely Cake Shop on Instagram to all who love's Cake and this is not just a cake guys i would like to Share with you all that this cake is mix with a liquor when i buy this Baley's Red Velvet Cake  this is perfect for all who love's Cake like me with liquour guys Check out their account @cakeshotsph this Cake is Pre - Order they  have around Php; 1,100 and this one i buy is Php; 750 its affordable guys and delicious 

My second gift  is  a Bouquet for my Mom Trivia guys every Year i love to Give Bouquet for my Mom 
ever since when i'm little i really love to give gifts to my love one's

My third gift  is my favorite  love letter since when i'm a  little i really love to give them  

Got receive a memorable gift this 2018 from my Parent this is the fist time Valentine's i recieve a gift and itss my Dream Teddy Bear i really love Teddy Bear ever since and 2 roses 

I would like to Share with you guys my outfit of the day I' m wearing 

top from @americaneagle
Jacket @levis
Skirt @zaloraph
bag @urbanoriginals
shoes @americaneagle 

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