Symply G Keratin Shampoo Review

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    Symply G  with argan oil Keratin Shampo & Deep Conditioning Keratin 

Does anyone? here know the newest Shampoo + Keratin Conditioning,

It's about  Symply G Keratin  Shampoo  & Deep Conditioning? Do you guys suffer from frizzy, lifeless, falling hair and Dry hair? like me If you answered  mostly yes then you definitely need to use this new hair care product.

My hair is my 2nd Problem because its always dry and falling hair if i use any kind of shampoo because i'm looking for shampoo that will be perfect for my hair.

Everytime  I take a shower, there will be a falling hair & that is my biggest problem and the truth is my hair is Virgin with any kind like for example i don't have experience in Coloring Hair, and like Rebonding.

When Simply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning  Emailed me that they want to send me  their Products, the truth is I'm hesitant to answer them right away because i don't easily trust the product that i haven't use yet.

Here's my Before Picture 

Here's my After Picture 

What I Think of Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Therapy:

1. One sachet of the shampoo is good for two to three uses everyday.
2. I love the scent of the Shampoo and the deep conditioning smell like you keratin it in Salon
3. I Love  soft and smooth my hair  looks like i go to Salon.
4.  when i use this Shampoo and the Conditioner i let my hair free and its already Soft and straight
5. After using this Products my hair looked more soft and shiny than before.

Why is Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Effective?

Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep  Conditioning has Kertin treatment already  and have Argan Oil which are widely used in Salon's today due to their ability to transform into frizzy and hard - to - manage hair into straight, shiny, soft and healty hair. Keratin is rich proteins and vitamins which repairs damaged hair.

Keratin Shampoo with Argan Oil is designed  for Cleaning  rebonded and colored hair, and giving it's maximum moisture that makes your hair natural straight. Soft and Shiny.

Symply G was launched last August 16, 2017 one sachet sold  at PHP6.00 Only. It is available at leading supermarket and sari - sari store you may fnd it hard  because they Sold out.

How about you have you tried Symply G before?

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