5 Diffirent Burger

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   Five Diffirent Burgers i tried

  i would like to share with you guys what i tried different burgers in different restaurant 
 and i love to share with you i experience while eating it


    Burger king is the ultimate cuisine of the people because of the affortable and american burger and delicicious 

i'm a person who loves to eat and share it to my Family and we love to discover new and diffirent Burger's

this burger is available all over the world.

2. The Burgery (  the Bad Boys Burger )

The Burgery i just discover this burger via Booky app because i'm thinking what i should try that time and to eat new cuisine  this burger is affortable also to me but i would like to give a feed back about this burger this is delicious but the problem is the bunny burger is to dry but its delicious you can try this guys available in all over the philippines check there social media 

3 Army Navy

Army Navy tried this at Circuit Makati  i discover this to at Booky App for me Booky app is the best app for me and to all Food Lovers to know and discover new Restaurants

Army Burger + Burrito is a food service company pioneered in the philippines which specializes in a uniqu burger + burrito+ this food is for vegetarians, great flavors, authentic ingridients and affortable price to  for their basic burger is 185 pesos only.


this famous food Chain is Mcdonalds Tried their newest Burger many people says that mcdonalds ng Bayan because its not that famous all over the world and its affortable to like students and this place is tambayan to ng mga student while break. and the newest endorser is the one and only Maine Mendoza 

5 Everything But Cheese

This place  called everything but cheese all food is about cheese like burger, fries, and baked Macaroni with all cheese the one is different its the pasta because this one is without cheese but this food is delicious like for me because im a chessy person i love to eat and its my favorite to i discover this place from my classmate thats hy we go here at Sta. Ana Manila and its now they have new place in front of Cockpit at Mandaluyong City the newest Food court will be available.

                           Hope you all like my post thank you i share this 5 burger i tried 

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