Snow Panda Bingsu

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        Snow Panda - Circuit Makati 

 I would like to share with you guy's  what i''m craving at right now  since i eat this Bingsu/ Bingsoo  is well  very popular and elaborate snack/ dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. this snack is composed  of ice shavings and various ingridients  such as sweetened condensed Milk, Fruit syrups, various fruits  such as strawberries, kiwifruit, and banana, small pieces of tteok ( rice cake ), chewy jelly bits, and cereal flakes. it is often topped with cream cream or frozen yogurt. the most popular variety is patbingsu madewith sweetened azuki beans.

these pictures are taken inside of the snow panda and its very nice inside 

                                            korean Snack Got to try this delicious KIMBAP 

       Choco Bingsu 
Php; Medium 160
        Large 230 

                                                                   Green Tea Bingsu 
                                                                       Php; Medium 150
                                                                                Large 220

                                                             Injeolme Cheese  Bingsu 
                                                                 Php; Medium 160
                                                                          Large 230

i really recommend to you guys who love's to eat sweet and cold dessert just like me eat bingsu the best for me it's worth it that's why visit the nearest Bingsu Place.

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