Riza Relleve turns 22

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Look 1: @MZD14NN3SHOP look at instagram,  @Forever21 Pants and Adidas Shoes
  Look 2:  Zalora Philippines Jacket from  Forever21 Boots @iamgiftsahoy Shades @iloveflyshades
    Look 3:  Zalora Top Skirt from @ClosetbyZa , Heels SmParisian And Shades by Joana Carassco
      Look 4: Top Victoria Secret , Pants Forever21  Jacket from Oldnavy Shade from Joana Carassco
        Look 5: White long Dress Topshop and Adidas

All throughout my Years, I've never been experience the type of Birthday Party i always Celebrate my Birthday beyond a simple sit- down meal- save a money and awkward smiling 
Or staring at a cak nwhile being sang a happy birthday to or a throwback Facebook Greeting that millenanials obsses over more than 15 years old. If i could recall the last time i ever actually celebrated, it was  of me in a princess barbie White Gown and a Princess Belle Cake  to share at  a neighbourhood 

And just like that, years on  and no longer crooning to " call me, beep me', 5 days to go im officially marks my twenty two decades of existence and funnily, I feel a slight change of heart and more than i ever was. Perhaps its a diffirent story  now because I'm actually bidding farewell to my teen years and officially stepping into the world of adulthood- although realistically and in the matter of tradition that will only happen once i get a sharp time. But who knows what's to come in those years? I might  actually afford to go and go everywhere i wanna go thank you very much to God and my Parents.

The funny thing is that the 10 years old me thought that twenty two meant getting a job like modelling and, paying my own bills and getting my dream House . And Getting Married  a Boy who was my dream.

Okay that sounds crazy hahahaha less sad in my head.... But you get my point.

The thing is, i don't feel any different- any more wiser or any less younger. 
Or anything that Buzzfeed says about reaching  your twenties. No, sir. But they give me 5 years and i might just say something about else, Right now, I'm just looking forward to whatever this new chapter in my life has in store for me and because 22 is a pretty rad 
excus to, you know, live a little - champagne, sparkles and all. With that, here is a post I'v been working  on for quite a while and a, really excited to share with you all! I'll let the picturesdo the rest of the talking. 

 Shot by @Reuben Enilo | MUA by yours Truly | Edit by Reuben Enilo 

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